Man Or Astro-Man? / A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
Album: A Spectrum of Infinite Scale   Collection:General
Artist:Man Or Astro-Man?   Added:Sep 2000
Label:Touch and Go  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
They still sound like instrumental surf rock at the core, yet darker and edgier. Heavy, reverb-drenched riffs; hard and fast drumming. This album has an overall menacing sound (or quirky if you want). Many of these songs are introduced by other-worldly instruments and noises. Recommended. -nari

1. Abstract intro (throwaway)
2. Crazed, heavy riff
3. Snappy punk w/Beach Boys riffs
4. Creepy, funky, slow jam
5. Bouncy distorted crunch. Phat drums. Rawk!
6. Eerie surf rock riff
7. Fast, frantic, punky
8. A bizarre, extraterrestrial groove
9. Stephen Hawking covering Cher
10. Is that a theremin? Weird, yet catchy.
11. Rhythm dot matrix (literally)
12. If evil midgets played rock
13. Abstract ending. Collage of noise, scratch, effects. Unsettling, yet cool. In fact, so is the whole album.

Track Listing
1. Pathway to the Infinite   7.
2. Songs of the Two-Mile Linear   8. Very Suble Elevators
3. Preparation Clont   9. Within One Universe there Ar
4. Curious Constructs of Stem-L   10. Spectrograph Reading of the
5. Um Espectro Sem Escala   11. A Simple Text File
6. Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy M   12. Obligatory Part 2 Song in Wh
  13. Multi-Variational Stimuli of