Various Artists / Doob Doob O'rama 2
Album: Doob Doob O'rama 2   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2000
Label:Normal Records  

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Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2003-04-01
Doob Doob O'Rama 2: More Filmsongs from Bollywood
Film music from India. This collection represents the range and many, many influences in Indian film music. As you no doubt know, Bollywood is the most prolific film industry in the world. Many of the films are musicals, therefore there is a vast amount music produced each year. The best part is that Bollywood film composers have embraced a wide variety of styles from both the west and the east, often mixed together into a single song, to create a musical masala. I heard stuff that sounds like Mancini, Schifrin, the Ventures, Isaac Hayes, or Strauss as well as lots of funky Indian instruments and percussion. I like that this collection lists the films that the songs come from and is broader and less "produced" (i.e. remixed) than the also excellent 'Bombay the Hard Way' collection. They have left in the vocals, which often fall harshly on the American ear but are also frequently amusing or have excellent percussive phrasing. In short, you have before you a musical feast--every track on this album made me smile, and some tracks rule. All Tracks recommended, start with 5, 12, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 16, 20.
Tom Purcell, September 2000

Track Reviews on Backā€”

1) Hilarious opening male dialog
2) Frenetic female vocal rockabilly funk
3) Tons of horns, female/male duet rap
4) Percussion intro, horns and female chorus
5) *Guitar and animal drums, Morricone western flavor, cowbells, spybreak horns, breathy female vocals--this song has everything
6) Similar to 5, a little more mellow though plus male duet
7) Sort of a classical waltz feel, male/female duet + chorus
8) Swinging bluegrass male vocal--fun stuff
9) Ballad, male vocal
10) Female vocal, swinging horns
11) Indian take on Japanese music Female vocal "Sayonara"
12) *Indian Porno?? Yeah! Female intro in English, moaning
13) Pop electronica kiddie music
14) Female/Male duet
15) Wacky female vocal over surf rock flavored instrumental
16) Male vocals, cartoony song
17) Female vocal
18) Female vocal, moments of swingin' rock
19) Rockin' with guitar, female vocals, western
20) Yodeling (yes, yodeling) and other fun vocals
21) Soft slow lullaby female vocal

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Balasubrahmanyam, S.P. China Daani Chrunavvulu
2. Dutt, Geeta Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu
3. Pandit, Sulakshana Seth Ke Ghar Mein Aayo Beto
4. Bhosle, Asha Saiyan Re Saiyan
5. Bhosle, Asha Ankhen Meri Maikhana
6. Susheela, P. Gulaabi Puvu
7. Mukesh, Nitin Tum Pyar Se Dekho
8. Kumar, Kishore Ina Mina Dika
9. Yesudas, K.J. Champakapushpa
10. Bhosle, Asha Gulabi Raat Gulabi
11. Mangeshkar, Lata Sayonara
12. Vanijairam Thanimayil
13. Janaki, S. Ezhupaalam Kadamnu
14. Mangeshkar, Lata Dhak Dhak Dhak
15. Manhar Chandon Ki Chachi Ko
16. Kumar, Kishore Hum the Woh Thi
17. Kalyanpur, Suman Chale Ja Chale Ja
18. Bhosle, Asha O Meri Jaan Main Ne Kaha
19. Bhosle, Asha Maine Dil Abhi Diya Nahin
20. Susheela, P. Intinti Tamayanam
21. Chitra Rajani Parayu