Analogue / Rock Proper
Album: Rock Proper   Collection:General
Artist: Analogue   Added:Aug 2000
Label: Rubric Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 03, 2003: the discovery channel
That Ain't Lake Minnetonka

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Snappy, lighthearted math rock with post-rock leanings. All instrumental. Circular songs that jam around the same repeated measure (Dianogah). Complex rhythms. Atmospheric effects. Fun.

1. Schnazy looped bassline, mixed time, spaced out synth/effects. First 3:00 can exist as its own song. 3:00-6:20 slows down for a post-rockish collage of synth/effects. 6:32 breaks back into a twist on the first theme.

2. Circular, complex time, upbeat & cheery.

3. Jams, with a nice kick on the offbeat. Quickly dissolves into a slow, moody interlude. Then back to the theme for more jagged-rhythm jam.

4. Slow, contemplative, takes its time going nowhere.

5. Swirling buzz & noise effects over catchy theme. Big climax. 10:00+.

6. Starts simply, escalates into a rhythmic, tribal sounding thing.

Track Listing
1. Punchout Turned Me Gay   4. Drug Yacht
2. That Ain't Lake Minnetonka   5. Lyric Sheet Competency Test
3. Life at Big Bri's Haus   6. Universal Symbol for Alignme