Devics / Ghost in the Girl Ep, the
Album: Ghost in the Girl Ep, the   Collection:General
Artist:Devics   Added:Jul 2000
Label:Splinter Records  

Recent Airplay
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The Man I Love
4. Jun 02, 2004: In the Leaves
The Man I Love
2. May 18, 2016: Brownian Motion
The Man I Love
5. Apr 16, 2004: Distraction-Limited
Heaven Please
3. Jul 15, 2010: Value Machine
The Smell of Ink
6. Jan 13, 2004: Not Just Pretty Girls:Women Who Rock
Heaven Please

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-10-20
This band conjures up 4AD with beautiful guitar/piano based waltzy ballads, sad female vox, dissonant weird and experimental at times. This fits in with Nick Cave, Tarnation, Tindersticks territory. Very nice.
Note especially tracks 1,3, 4

1) Pretty, airy, waltz, “A” part turns to loud rock epic sounding “B” part with an early Breeders feel.
2) Piano based evil circus waltz, Nick Cave.
3) This is a fantastic cover of Gershwin’s “the man I love”, piano based death march minor feeling at first evolves into major lightness, but sad all the way.
4) Piano/vocal duet.
Traditional early 20th century sounding sad piano with desperate distant voice, lyrics.
5) Bowed bass, accordion, slow dirgey hypnotic, with softly spoken words/poetry, spooky, sad.
6) Piano solo song.
Pretty, minor keyed, 2 minute ending to great EP

Track Listing
1. Ghost   4. Heaven Please
2. My Beautiful Sinking Ship   5. The Smell of Ink
3. The Man I Love   6. Opus #9