Various Artists / I Made It Out of Clay
Album: I Made It Out of Clay   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 1999
Label:Little Shirley Beans Reco  

Recent Airplay
1. Dec 22, 2006: the jewish alternative
Hanukkah Girl, Hanukkah in Brazil
3. Dec 23, 2003: the jewish alternative
Max Weinberg, Hanukkah Girl, Theme for a Defiled Temple, Home for the Holidays, Verhanukkah
2. Dec 10, 2004: the jewish alternative
Eight Great Days, Hanukkah Night

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Kisswhistle Verhanukkah
2. Winterbrief Menorah Mall
3. Jumprope Hanukkah in Brazil
4. Cessna Home for the Holidays
5. Boyish Charms Theme for a Defiled Temple
6. Josh Bloom Hanukkah Night
7. Oval-Teen Eight Great Days
8. Casino Ashtrays The Relatives Song
9. Chariots of Tuna I Found Me
10. Musical Chairs The Light Song
11. Metronome Hanukkah Girl
12. Teacups, the Max Weinberg
13. Rosenbergs, the Puff Daddy Isn't Kosher
14. Gumdrop Alley It's All Hanukkah From Here
15. Mesopotamia Dreydel Dog
16. Golden Synthetic Songbook, the Eight Days of
17. Melt A Holiday Song
18. Lunchbox A Bright New Day
19. Four-Star Movie, the Eight Nights Lighting
20. Amhurst, Xavier The Golden Glow of Hanukkah