Various Artists / Earwig Music 20TH Ann
Album: Earwig Music 20TH Ann   Collection:Blues
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 1999
Label:Earwig Music Co  

Recent Airplay
1. Feb 12, 2011: blues with a feelin'
Wiggle Tail
3. Nov 30, 2002: blurs with a feelin'
Lawhorn Special, Wiggle Tail, You Can't Call the Blues, Mr. Freddy Blues, Parole Blues, She Got a Thing Goin'on
2. Dec 23, 2006: blues with a feelin'
Parole Blues

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jelly Roll Kings, the Jelly Roll Stroll
2. Floyd Jones Mr. Freddy Blues
3. Jim Brewer Long Ways From Home
4. Big Jack Johnson You Can Have My Woman
5. Frank Frost Gonna Put Her Down
6. Sunnyland Slim Patience Like Job
7. Big Jack Johnson Daddy, When Is Mama Comming
8. Little Brother Montgomery Hard, Oh Lord
9. Louis Myers Wiggle Tail
10. Jimmy Dawkins Beetin Knockin Ringin
11. David Honeyboy Edwards The Army Blues
12. Lester Mad Dog Davenport Slow Down Baby
13. John Primer Lawhorn Special
14. H-Bomb Ferguson Leavin' You Tomorrow
15. Aron Burton Trouble
16. Lovie Lee Tell Me that You Love Me
17. Homesick James Williamson What Done Got Into that
18. Willie Anderson 69TH Street Bounce
19. Big Leon Brooks Please Mr. Catfish
20. Louisiana Red Parole Blues
21. Aron Burton I'm Just a Natural Man
22. Lil Ed and Dave Weld North Carolina Bound
23. Johnny Yard Dog Jones You Can't Call the Blues
24. Liz Mandville Greeson Life Sentence of the Blues
25. Honeyboy Edwards & Carey Bell Every Now and Then
26. Willie Kent I Wanna Get Married
27. Sunnyland Slim & Bonnie Lee She Got a Thing Goin'on
28. Louisiana Red Red's Vision
29. Johnny Drummer I Wanna Get in Your Head
30. Liz Mandville Greeson The Friendly Srtanger
31. Louisiana Red Millennium Blues