Various Artists / Balkans Without Bordes
Album: Balkans Without Bordes   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 1999
Label:Omnium Recordings  

Recent Airplay
1. Dec 14, 2018: Popping and Hopping demo
Geamparalele Tsambalul, Esma
3. Dec 09, 2003: At the Cafe Bohemian
Anapse to Tsigaro
2. Dec 28, 2013: Music Casserole
Anapse To Tsigaro (Live)

Album Review
Don Farrell
Reviewed 2005-04-28

Collection of lots of COOL GROUPS from Europe & USA doing Balkan flavored tunes for Doctors Without Borders. Check out liner notes and for more info on the groups.
***1: 2:28 fast vocal and cool fast plucked strings and other instruments by CHARMING HOSTESS
*2: 2:29 fem vocals, mid tempo upbeat traditional sounding Balkan tune.
***3: 2:07 fast Polish tune by BRAVE COMBO
**4: 3:00 Albanian surf tune.
***5:3:53 gypsy tune, mid to faster, male vocals, cool sound
**6: 3:19 Albanian love song, fast male vocal, cool vocal and ~1:40 neat guitar noodling featured.
7: 3:07 great group name, mid to faster tempo Serbo-Bulgarian instrumental.
***8: 3:36 fast bouzouki sample loops over techno breakbeats, GREAT dance number.
***9: 1:00 Bulgarian tune played in one minute.
***10: 2:05 Romanian dance tune based on 7/16 featuring a cimbalom ( sounds like a hammered dulcimer???)
****11: 4:41 house version of a Macedonian saber dance.

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**12: 3:39 slow, mellow song from theatre piece in English.
**13: 4:45 Greek folk song about Greeks forced out of Turkey, mellow mid tempo fem. voc. with organ and percussion.
***4: 3:19 fast perc and fiddle, whistles, Great fast folk dance tune.
****15: 2:41 mid tempo almost a drone sound, mouth harp twang, from GARMARNA a Swedish folk
*16: 6:50 low slow orch. warm up sound, fem singing??yelling?? ~4min volume increases, last min. a cool instrumental.
****17: 3:31 fem voc. and cool cool brass band.
***18: 2:52 wailing fem. voc in a trad. Macedonian folk song. neat accordion???
***19: 2:21 fast fiddle and male vocal from Serbia.
***20: 4:39 UPBEAT Greek tune, fem voc.
***21: 5:19 fast instrumental tunes from BOILED IN LEAD. D Farrell 09/99

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Charming Hostess Dali Tzerni
2. Zabe I Babe Sjaj Mjesece (Shine Moon)
3. Brave Combo Hosa Dyna
4. Immigrant Suns Surfin' Albania
5. Slobo Horo Esma
6. Grupi Albanet Hajde Bukuri (Come Beauty)
7. Reptile Palace Orchestra, The Godecki Cacak
8. Szeki Kurva Stars Are Shining (Radio Edit), The
9. Farmers Market Gankino Horo
10. Alexander Fedoriouk & Ensemble "Harmonia" Geamparalele Tsambalul
11. Balkan Tribes Zurle
12. Klezmatics An Undoing World
13. Annabouboula Ti Se Meli (What Do You Care)
14. Muzskas Maramarosi Tancok (Maramaros Dances)
15. Garmarna Halling From Macedonia
16. Meira Asher & Kocani Orkestar Tiring Night
17. Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band Kako Kolan Da Se Vijem (Like A Belt I'll Wind)
18. Mike Watt & Masina Izniknami Baden Drvo
19. Sviraj Rece Cica
20. Three Mustaphas Three Anapse To Tsigaro (Live)
21. Boiled In Lead Shopetzki Kopanitsa