Various Artists / Traditional Fiddle Mus
Album: Traditional Fiddle Mus   Collection:Country
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 1999
Label:Rounder Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Mar 12, 2024: Comes to Mind
Bear Creek Ssally Goodin
3. Jun 30, 2005: One Tall Canadian
Darkie's Dream
2. Apr 25, 2015: Mix Tape: Out of the Skillet and Into the Fire
Big Taters in the Sandy Land
4. Nov 19, 2004: I once was canadian
New Five Cents

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Stan Jackson Big Taters in the Sandy Land
2. Gene Goforth Darkie's Dream
3. Gene Goforth Boatin Down the River
4. Violet Hensley Uncle Henry
5. Violet Hensley Rose Nell
6. Howe Teague Wabash Foxtrot
7. Howe Teague White River
8. Bob Holt Plantation Medley
9. On the Rock Sourwood Mountain
10. Jesse Wallace On the Rock
11. Jesse Wallace Old Leather Bonnet with a Ho
12. Cecil Goforth Jawbone
13. Cecil Goforth New Five Cents
14. Stan Jackson Oklahoma Run
15. Bob Holt Bear Creek Ssally Goodin
16. Sam Younger Mason's March
17. Howe Teague Nine Mile
18. Gene Goforth Nine Mile
19. Gene Goforth Ragged Bill
20. Stan Jackson Sam Taylor's Tune
21. Stan Jackson Newhouse
22. Audrey Handle Drowning Creek Blues
23. Jesse Wallace Old Joe Redbird
24. Jesse Wallace Nubbin
25. Violet Hensley Sam Moore Waltz
26. Violet Hensley Wang Wang Blues
27. Cecil Goforth Jenny Nettles
28. Cecil Goforth Hamilton Iron Works
29. Howe Teague Everything
30. Howe Teague Cluckin Hen
31. Bob Holt Blue Mule
32. Bob Holt Wolves a Howling
33. Jesse Wallace Bay Rooster
34. Howe Teague Arkansas Hop
35. Violet Hensley Mate to the Hog Waltz
36. Violet Hensley Jericho
37. Jesse Wallace Saddle Old Spike
38. Gene Goforth Rocky Road to Denver
39. Stan Jackson Pretty Little Girl with a Bl
40. Cecil Goforth Sourwood Mountain