Libera Societa Di Improvvisazi / Al Malaiko Noskema
Album: Al Malaiko Noskema   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Libera Societa Di Improvvisazi   Added:Feb 1999
Label:Leo Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Sep 19, 2007: Day of Difficulty
Solotue Samosaisa ***
2. Oct 04, 2000: Umami Jazz Program

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2007-09-19
A capella spoken word, in a made-up language called Lipit. Performed by a chorus of male and female vocalists -- lots of whispering and babbling, occasional rhythmic chants. It's neither heavyhanded nor frivolous; they don't play it like it's a joke, but neither do they couch everything in an artsy, academic feel. Interesting stuff; a nice coffee break that'll puzzle the heck out of listeners.

Track Listing
1. Eotimaka   10. Possibile Traduzione Dal Lip
2. Possibile Traduzione Dal Lip   11. Vo Vitruvio 4
3. Vo Vitruvio 1   12. Ita Tue Teuti
4. Leso Vario Tika   13. Tiresmoi
5. E.U.E.   14. Orio Makai Toma
6. Vo Vitruvio 2   15. Vo Vitruvio 5
7. Solotue Samosaisa   16. Ije Pastjurell
8. Asias   17. Vo Vitruvio 6
9. Vo Vitruvio 3   18. Possibile Traduzione Dal Lip
  19. Io