Various Artists / At War with Society
Album: At War with Society   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1999
Label:New Red Archives  

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1. Nov 06, 2010: On The Warpath
Thinking of Suicide, Die for the Government, All Laced Up, Usa
2. Jul 18, 2004: Oh Messy Life
Positive Dental Outlook

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Christ on a Crutch Fish People
2. Uk Subs State of Alert
3. Accustomed to Nothing Loose Interpretation of Theb
4. Loudmouths No Guts
5. No Use for a Name Born Addicted
6. Reagan Youth Usa
7. Swingin' Utters All Laced Up
8. Anti-Flag Die for the Government
9. Social Unrest Thinking of Suicide
10. Squat It's All Over
11. Samiam The Bridge
12. Snap-Her Be My Girl
13. Krau Flossing with An E String
14. Corrupted Ideals Stop the Production
15. No Use for a Name Dmv
16. Ultraman Messages
17. Mdc Slow, Stupid & Hungry
18. Hotan's Heroes Corporate Life
19. Corrupted Ideals I Don't Care
20. Nukes, the Tenderloin
21. Uk Subs Nobody Move
22. 2 Line Filler Home
23. Jack Killed Jill In Need of a Holiday
24. Samiam Sky Flying By
25. Swingin' Utters Reggae Gets Big in a Small
26. Wrench, the It's Your Right
27. Social Unrest Colossal Sleep
28. Snap-Her I Wanna Beavis You
29. Dehumanized To You
30. Samiam Regret
31. Crucial Youth Positive Dental Outlook
32. Christ on a Crutch Food for Thought
33. Uk Subs Nra Jingle