Archers of Loaf / White Trash Heroes
Album: White Trash Heroes   Collection:General
Artist:Archers of Loaf   Added:Sep 1998
Label:Alias Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Apr 25, 2007: I once was Canadian
Dead Red Eyes
4. Jan 05, 2006: I once was canadian
Fashion Bleeds
2. Dec 15, 2006: college radio interegnumm
Dead Red Eyes
5. Oct 13, 2005: I Once was Canadian
Fashion Bleeds
3. Apr 16, 2006: I once was Canadian (post-sports fill in)
Fashion Bleeds
6. Mar 17, 2005: I once was canadian
Dead Red Eyes

Track Listing
1. Fashion Bleeds   12. Fashion Bleeds (Wth 4-Track Demo)
2. Dead Red Eyes   13. Dead Red Eyes (Wth 4-Track Demo)
3. I.N.S.   14. Slicks Tricks And Bright Lights (Wth 4-Track Demo)
4. Perfect Time   15. One Slight Wrong Move (Wth 4-Track Demo)
5. Slick Tricks and Bright Ligh   16. Banging On A Dead Drum (Wth 4-Track Demo)
6. One Slight Wrong Move   17. Smokers In Love (Wth 4-Track Demo)
7. Banging on a Dead Drum   18. After The Last Laugh (Wth 4-Track Demo)
8. Smokers in Love   19. White Trash Heroes (Wth 4-Track Demo)
9. After the Last Laugh   20. Untitled And Forgotten (Wth 4-Track Demo)
10. White Trash Heroes   21. Walk Of Shame (Wth Unreleased B-Side)
11. Jive Kata (7-Inch Single, 1997)   22. Untitled (Wth Unreleased B-Side)
  23. Whooh! (Wth Unreleased B-Side)