Various Artists / Crossed Out/Man Is the Bastard
Album: Crossed Out/Man Is the Bastard   Collection:General 7"
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Slap a Ham  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 24, 2007: No Messy Life
Vacuum, Scapegoat, Lowlife, Society, Pure Delusion, Practiced Hatred
4. Jan 02, 2003: Metal with Rust
Society, Pure Delusion
2. Jan 10, 2006: Baptism of Solitude
PPracticed Hatred/Pure Delusion/Society/Lowlife/Scapegoat/Vacuum
5. Dec 08, 2002: Oh Messy Life
3. Mar 16, 2003: Oh Messy Life

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Crossed Out Practiced Hatred
2. Crossed Out Pure Delusion
3. Crossed Out Society
4. Crossed Out Lowlife
5. Crossed Out Scapegoat
6. Crossed Out Vacuum
7. Man Is the Bastard S.O.I.G.
8. Man Is the Bastard Work to Death
9. Man Is the Bastard Instantly Bent
10. Man Is the Bastard Screwdriver in the Urethra
11. Man Is the Bastard Snake Apartment
12. Man Is the Bastard Walkers of the Streets