Bey, Chief/Olofi, Ile Omo / Children of the House of God
Album: Children of the House of God   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Bey, Chief/Olofi, Ile Omo   Added:Mar 1998
Label:Mapleshade Productions  

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Album Review
Don Farrell
Reviewed 2005-12-01
Trance drumming by Chief Bey a Yoruba priest drummer. Influenced by the Cuban and Puerto Rican drummers in Harlem. Has played with some of the Giants in Jazz. Has a great voice (bass baritione, but at the time was the wrong color for the Metropolitan Opera). Read the Siren's Lure in the notes if you have a chance. A link between Black American Gospel and the Yoruba religion. Check out #11 the Epilogue.
1: introduction
*2: slow start then nice mid tempo drumming and chanting (call and response).
3: slower, with vocals, (Black American Gospel) and the drumming more in the background but still great.
**4: Great shakeree and vocals. Mind Your Own Business.
5: slower chanting and drumming.
6: Vocal in English. Motherless Child.
7: slower chanting and drumming, in English and Yoruba.
8: vocals and hand clapping, 2 songs in English 1 in Yoruba.
9: vocals and hand clapping, 2 songs one in English one in Yoruba.
**10: Really neat FAST percussion then spoken word and more drumming.
***11: Epilogue, spoken word, relationship to each other through sound and "you are what you listen to". D Farrell 03/98

Track Listing
1. Introduction   6. Motherless Child
2. Yemoja   7. Oduduwa Medley
3. Oduduwa/Precious Lord   8. Down By the Riverside/When
4. Mind You Business   9. Old Time Religion/Onibode
5. Samba for Yemoja   10. Daddy Says
  11. Epilogue