Buena Vista Social Club / Buena Vista Social Club
Album: Buena Vista Social Club   Collection:World
Artist:Buena Vista Social Club   Added:Sep 1997
Label:Nonesuch Records  

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Album Review
Don Farrell
Reviewed 2005-08-15
The very best of Cuban musicians.
"In Cuba music flows like a river" Ry Cooder.
*1: slow, country style
*2: slow male vocal
**3: Fast, WOW! will not be able to sit still. Great guitars, vocals trumpet and percussion.
*4: instrumental, great modern urban Cuban piano, piano, trumpet and bass solos.
5: slow, male vocal
6: slow, male vocal, nice lyrics, guitar duet.
7: slow, female vocal
**8: "Cuban blues", great guitar and vocals.
**9: faster male vocal and chorus, the percussion really cooks on this one.
10: slower, male vocal
11: slow to medium paced, American cowboy style guitar.
12: real slow male vocals.
*13: Instrumental, real nice piano, slow.
14: male vocals , slow. D Farrell 09/97

Track Listing
1. Chan Chan   8. El Carretero
2. De Camino a La Verda   9. Candela
3. El Cuarto De Tula   10. Amor De Loca Juentud
4. Pueblo Nuevo   11. Orgullecida
5. Dos Gardenias   12. Murmullo
6. Y Tu Que Has Hecho   13. Buena Vista Social Club
7. Veinte Anos   14. La Bayamesa