Various Artists / Close to Home
Album: Close to Home   Collection:Country
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 1997

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1. Aug 26, 2008: I once was Old-Timey (and/ or Irish)
John Henry

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Elizabeth Cotten In the Sweet Bye & Bye
2. Will Adam Tie Your Dog Sally Gal
3. J.C. Sutphin Banjo Instumental
4. V.L. Sutphin Lost Train Blues
5. Vernon & Cleve Sutphin Shortening Bread
6. Vernon & Cleve Sutphin The Train that Carried My Gi
7. J.J. Neece Old Gambling Man
8. J.J. Neece John Henry
9. Louise Foreacre Shout Little Lulu
10. Kilby Snow He Will Set Your Fields on
11. Ernest & Hattie Stoneman Gather in the Golden Grain
12. Elizabeth White Going to Lay Down My Burdens
13. Lesley Riddle John Henry
14. Tom Ashley Pretty Fair Damsel
15. Pearly Davis It's These Hard Times
16. Pearly Davis Old Time Reel
17. A.L. Hall & Group Jackson Schottische
18. Wade Ward Lone Prairie
19. Wade Ward Molly Put the Kettle on
20. Edsel Martin & Bill Mcelreath Last Gold Dollar
21. Bill & Jean Davis John Henry
22. Blue Ridge Buddies, the Three Nights Drunk
23. Blue Ridge Buddies, the Jimmie Sutton
24. Snuffy Jenkins & Ira Dimmery Going to Lay Down My Guitar
25. Arthur Smith, Sam Mcgee Black Mountain Rag
26. Clyde Lewis A Talk on the World
27. John Ray & Walt Koken Red Wing
28. Eck Robertson W/ New Lost City Leather Breeches
29. Sherman Lawson Blackberry Blossom
30. Emmett Cole Alabama Gals
31. George Landers Old Joe Clark
32. Dock Boggs Sugar Baby
33. Archie Sturgill Queen Sally
34. Kate Peters Sturgill Poor Orphan Child
35. Scott Boatright My Virginia Rose
36. Sara Carter Bayes & Maybelle C I'm Leaving You
37. Stancer Quartet He Said If You Love Me Feed
38. Clarence Ferrill I Would not Live Always