Various Artists / When I'm Hungry, I Eat
Album: When I'm Hungry, I Eat   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 1997

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Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Wckr Spgt Donut Man
2. Phone Job Food Smut
3. Tullycraft Guyana Punch
4. Low Peanut Butter Toast and Amer
5. Sukpatch Gods of Warm Moisture
6. Paste Tabasco
7. Jeffersons Mom's Apple Pie
8. Meringue Brunswick Stew
9. Tinklers, the Chimp Party
10. Kitty Craft I'm Chocolate, You're Oatmea
11. El Tiante G.B. Vs C.P.
12. Whistling Tin Heads, the Sacred Bean Dip Polka
13. Saucer Steakhaus
14. Fat Day Baby All Gone
15. Balloon Guy Food Pyramid
16. Flaming Interior Decorator Goldfish
17. Paper Tiara Sunned Creamed Domed
18. Patch 40'S Are Food
19. Kg, the Sauce
20. Vinnie and the Stardusters Bake My Pie
21. Coctails, the Pedigree-Small Crunchy Bits
22. Better Off Airport Sheepy Nice Horse Meat
23. C. Mcalister Southern Deep-Fry
24. Ye Gobblins Devil Pie
25. Wham-O Snickers Vs. Nutrageous
26. Beangirl Donut Trailer
27. Dame Darcy Acres of Clams
28. Wrong My Achey Breaky Beefheart
29. They Make Jewels at Home Cocktail Tacos
30. Land of the Loops Hard-Boiled Eggs
31. Miss Murgatroid Snack Basket