Various Artists / A Century of Recorded
Album: A Century of Recorded   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 1996
Label:Rhino Records  

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Shazam Doowah
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Bang, Bang Outishly

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Merwin, W.S. The River Bees
2. Wright, James A Blessing
3. Sexton, Anne The Truth the Dead Know
4. Sexton, Anne All My Pretty Ones
5. Angelou, Maya Phenomenal Woman
6. Howard, Richard Even in Paris
7. Rich, Adrienne Diving Into the Wreck
8. Walcott, Derek Omeros
9. Snyder, Gary The Song of the Taste
10. Snyder, Gary How Poetry Comes to Me
11. Snyder, Gary Why I Take Good Care of My
12. Plath, Sylvia Daddy
13. Plath, Sylvia Ariel
14. Ray, David The Greatest Poem in the Wor
15. Updike, John An Oddly Lovely Day Alone
16. Jaffe, Dan Learning Aobut Easter and Pr
17. Baraka, Amiri Bang, Bang Outishly
18. Baraka, Amiri Rythim Blues
19. Baraka, Amiri Shazam Doowah
20. Cohen, Leonard The Story of Issac
21. Lord, Audre Dahomey
22. Piercy, Marge Putting the Good Things Away
23. Piercy, Marge Right to Life
24. Strand, Mark Keeping Things Whole
25. Strand, Mark The Way It Is
26. Strand, Mark The Poem
27. Zimmer, Paul Zimmer Imagines Heaven
28. Clifton, Lucille Yes Lord, He Was Born
29. Clifton, Lucille Cruelty
30. Wakoski, Diane I Have Had to Learn to Live
31. Harper, Michael S. Dear John, Dear Coltrane
32. Simic, Charles We Were So Poor
33. Simic, Charles I Was Stolen By the Gypsies
34. Simic, Charles Everybody Knows the Story
35. Young, Al Lester Leaps in
36. Young, Al For Poets
37. Young, Al A Dance for Militant Diletas
38. Brodsky, Joseph Odysseus to Telemachus
39. Jong, Erica Ode to My Shoes
40. Bruchac, Joseph Prayer
41. Olds, Sharon Translator's Son
42. Olds, Sharon Wonder
43. Tate, James The Lost Pilot
44. Gallagher, Tess One Kiss
45. Ragan, James The Tent People of Beverly
46. Waldman, Anne Uh Oh Pluonium
47. Louis, Adrian The Fine Printing on the Lab
48. Louis, Adrian The Speat Lidge
49. Herrera, Juan Felipe Logan Heights & the World
50. Forche, Carolyn The Colonel
51. Hirsch, Edward Wild Gratitude
52. Harjo, Joy For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash
53. Tafolla,Carmen Tia Sophia
54. Bacs, Jimmy Santiago This Is Number 26
55. Bacs, Jimmy Santiago I Am Offering You this Poem
56. Dove, Rita Parsley
57. Tapajonso, Luci Raisin Eyes
58. Revell, Donald The Children's Undercroft
59. Rodriguez The Concrete River
60. Tia Chucha Luis
61. Lee, Li-Young My Father, in Heaven, Is Rea