Various Artists / Surf Crazy
Album: Surf Crazy   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 1996

Recent Airplay
1. May 27, 2008: At Your Local Dive
Let's Go Surfin', Storm Surf
4. Mar 22, 2006: Foreplay and Sex Wax
2. Aug 16, 2007: Emphysema For Emphasis
Space Race
5. Mar 01, 2006: Foreplay and Sex Wax
Surfin' and Swinging
3. Apr 12, 2006: Foreplay and Sex Wax
The Ventures Medley
6. Nov 01, 2005: Foreplay and Sex Wax
Surf Bird

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sentinals, the Latina
2. Paul Johnson Tsunami
3. Shean and Jenkins Goofy Footer Ho-Dad
4. Sentinals, the Tor-Chula
5. Neil Norman War of the Satellites
6. Soul Kings, the Pachuko Soul
7. Rhythm Kings, the Exotic
8. Rhythm Kings, the Watermelon Man
9. Neil Norman Videospace
10. Les Brown Jr. Surfin' and Swinging
11. Ventures, the The Ventures Medley
12. Slacktone Tidal Wave
13. Gene and the Esquires Space Race
14. Surfaris, the Storm Surf
15. Billy Strange Hava Tequila
16. Challengers, the Water Country
17. Dave Myers Effect, the Speed International
18. Dave Myers Effect, the Hell's Racers
19. Dave Myers Effect, the Silent Screamer
20. Rhythm Kings, the Blue Soul
21. Soul Kings, the Swingin' Piper Soul
22. Jim Waller and the Deltas Intoxica
23. Bob Vaught and the Renegaids Surfin Tragedy
24. Jim Waller and the Deltas Soul Beat Pt. 2
25. Breakers, the Surf Bird
26. Dave Myers and the Surftones Church Key
27. Bob Vaught and the Renegaids Delano Soul Beat
28. Jim Waller and the Deltas Let's Go Surfin'
29. Billy Strange Walk, Don't Run '64