Prior, Maddy / Hang Up Sorrow & Care
Album: Hang Up Sorrow & Care   Collection:General
Artist:Prior, Maddy   Added:Jul 1996
Label:Park Records  

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Never Weatherbeaten Saile

Track Listing
1. The Prodigal's Resolution   9. Now O Now I Needs Must Part
2. Playford Tunes   10. Man Is for the Woman Made
3. The World Is Turned Upside..   11. A Northern Catch/Little...
4. The Jovil Begger   12. Granny's Delight/My Lady...
5. The Leathern Bottel   13. A Round of Three Country...
6. Iantha   14. Youth's the Season Made for
7. An Thou Were My Ain Thing   15. In the Days of My Youth
8. Oh! that I Had but a Fine...   16. Never Weatherbeaten Saile
  17. Old Simon the King