Lurie, John / Down By Law (1986 Film) / Variety (1985 Film)
Album: Down By Law (1986 Film) / Variety (1985 Film)   Collection:Classical
Artist:Lurie, John   Added:Nov 1995
Label:Crammed Discs  

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Million Dollar Walk, Car, Porno Boothii, Porno Booth, Variety Theme, Fork in the Road, Nicoletta Can't Cook, A Hundred Miles From Harry, The King of Thailand, the Qe, Are You Warm Enough Again, Swamp Part Two, Swamp, Are You Warm Enough?, Please Come to My House, The Invasion of Poland, Promenade Du Maquereau, Strangers in the Day, What Do You Know About Music
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Track Listing
1. What Do You Know About Music, You're Not A Lawyer   11. A Hundred Miles From Harry
2. Strangers In The Day   12. Nicoletta Can't Cook
3. Promenade Du Maquereau   13. Fork In The Road
4. The Invasion Of Poland   14. Variety Theme
5. Please Come To My House   15. Porno Booth
6. Are You Warm Enough?   16. Porno Booth Ii
7. Swamp   17. Car
8. Swamp (Part Two)   18. Million Dollar Walk
9. Are You Warm Enough Again?   19. Anders Leaps In
10. The King Of Thailand, The Queen Of Stairs   20. Garter Belt
  21. End Titles