Various Artists / Anon
Album: Anon   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 1995
Label:Castle Von Buhler  

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1. Jan 15, 2019: Attitude Adjustment
Angels Turn to Devils, 't Ill My Head Explodes, 5 Years Later

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Germano, Lisa Angels Turn to Devils
2. Sirensong Soapbox
3. Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple Friend's Birthday
4. Cake Like Billy Boy
5. Chainsuck 't Ill My Head Explodes
6. Edsel Fortune of Space
7. Turkish Delight Spin
8. Lumen Filament
9. Fade I Lied
10. Cruious Ritual Crayons and Panthers
11. Astroboy Posterchild
12. Sextiles I Hope You Die
13. Curtain Society, the Gravity
14. Worldseed Confessions of a Daydream
15. Zutrau To a Mouse
16. Eardrum Tuba Edit
17. Vastlesssmudge My First Trip to the Orient
18. Women of Sodem Boots
19. Felidae Chant Splendour
20. Symbn Prjct Lips Acquire Stains
21. An April March Ceiling
22. Cinnamon Rocketship Launch
23. Smith, Frank Maze
24. Moors, the Belen-Gaard
25. One of Us 5 Years Later
26. Rabid Ear Test Red Is the String
27. Bone, Richard Overstated Papers
28. Eardrum I'm Misleading
29. Out of Band Experience Alien Android Succubus
30. Borg, the Outer World