Neuburg, Amy X & Men / Utechma
Album: Utechma   Collection:General
Artist:Neuburg, Amy X & Men   Added:Sep 1995
Label:Racer Records  

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Album Review
David McWade
Reviewed 2007-02-17
Take Laurie Anderson up a notch in general creativity, cynicism, intensity and just-plain-fun and you've got Amy X Neuburg. Other differences are that her complex poetry is rather twisted, she has an obsession with cleanliness and that very little is known about her background, except that she was born in England and we know that she studied as a classical vocalist at Oberlin (and has tons of honors, Phi Beta Kappa etc. from all manner of institutions). This 1995 release predates Residue by almost ten years and, in a twist, she has San Francisco men sing backup to her, thus this is released as 'Amy X Neuburg and Men'. In fact, at least 6 of the tracks are really short and have the men doing all kinds of music/vocal shenanigans without Amy being involved at all. This works out well for you, the dj, because you could easily play track 4 before 'Delirium' or track 8 before 'Tango' and it makes things a little more imaginative.

FCC clean. Rec 5, 9, 17, any one of the short tracks (also 1,7,14,16). Track by track will focus on lyrical content except for exceptional music content

1 'I want to go live in Chinatown because the rent's so cheap, but you say Where Where Where would we go for fun'.. (pianobass)
3 long, bass, synths, dark 'Falling Into your feather bed, into the darkness, into the fear again..'
5 marimba, lovely, 'If I could only breathe, I would tell you a few stories, about different times I breathed, and different things came in', etc.
6 keyboards, 'get that camera out of here out of my house, I haven't washed the sheets since 1980'
7 climactic explosion (for lack of a better term) about halfway through, 'I had a good time mixing media, and then they took my sight away'
9 truly a tango, each verse louder and more intense than the last, pianobass, B minor, 'Homeless out of the park, surely a good sign'
10 commentary on politics, new world order, debt
14 'My only solace is my empire, it fills me up when I feel thin', orchestrated differences between verse and chorus
16 yodeling, marimba-synth, nice
17 this track is *amazing*, builds up slowly to a drum climax that actually seems to last much longer than it really does 'all the religions in the world never gave you an answer, now you used up your guesses and your three wishes', incredible vocal delivery of the title of the song

Track Listing
1. Chinatown   9. Tango
2. Man Jam #18   10. Money in the Sky
3. Into that Hole   11. Man Jam #11
4. Intro   12. Man Jam #30
5. Delirium   13. Humility
6. Get that Camera Out of Here   14. My Empire
7. Fish   15. Man Jam #13
8. Man Jam #36   16. Utechma
  17. Hunger for Heaven