Various Artists / Whaam! Bam! Thank You
Album: Whaam! Bam! Thank You   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 1995
Label:Vinyl Japan (England)  

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I Know Where Syd Barrett Liv

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Revolving Paint Dream In the Afternoon
2. Television Personalities I Know Where Syd Barrett Liv
3. Mixers, the Never Find Time
4. Page Boys, the You're My Kind of Girl
5. Tangerine Experience Only the Sky Children Know
6. Direct Hits Too Shy
7. Television Personalities The Dream Inspires
8. Marble Staircase, the Still Dreaming
9. 1000 Mexicans The Art of Love
10. Mad Hatters, the Dancing with the Dead
11. Jed Dmochowski I'm Sad
12. Laughing Apple, the Wouldn't You
13. Televisions Personalities I Know Where Syd Barrett Liv
14. Mixers, the Love Hurts
15. Gifted Children, the Painting By Numbers
16. 1000 Mexicans News of You
17. Television Personalities No One's Little Girl
18. Direct Hits What Killed Aleister Crowley