Various Artists / Doctor Deaths 3
Album: Doctor Deaths 3   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1995
Label:C'est La Mort  

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1. Sep 13, 2006: Anywhere Out of the World

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Drowning Pool Black Baghdad
2. Heavenly Bodies Rains on Me
3. Front Line Assembly Concussion
4. Legendary Pink Dots Day at the Dreamies
5. Controlled Bleeding Bloody Ash
6. Clair Obscur Rope
7. Die Bunker Gewalt
8. Beutiful Pea Green Boat Hammers of Islam
9. Pritchard, Bill Black Souls Under White Skys
10. Data Bank a Crack- Dream- Over
11. Psyche Crawler