Various Artists / Lip: Cd with Big Mouth
Album: Lip: Cd with Big Mouth   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1995
Label:Ruby Throat  

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Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bornstein, Kate Voice Lessons
2. Lim, Genny Only Language She Knows
3. Belile, Elizabeth Helen
4. Salach, Cindy/Donahue, Sheila I'm a Stranger Here Myself
5. Lowell, Dominique Women Are Hungry
6. Sikelianos, Eleni Sonnet
7. Smith, Patricia Skinhead
8. Miller, Tory Domestic Animal
9. Eisenberg, Nicodemus,Armstrong I'm not Hungry
10. Paredes, Emilia Because Justice
11. Brown, Lee Ann Tech Pledge
12. Coppola, Eli Jury Duty
13. Waldman, Anne Kali Yuga Blues
14. Wheeler, Cindy Things You Do on Your Knees
15. Borrus, Beth Pinocchio
16. Cervenka, Exene In Clutches of His 4 Mouth
17. Buscani, Lisa Patsy Rocks
18. Myles, Eileen Engarde
19. Coleman, Wanda They Will Starve You
20. Lau, Carolyn Lailani Indictmant Against Stockbroc
21. Magnuson, Anne Then the Babies Return
22. Marilyn T Working Class
23. Coultas, Brenda Occurrences Episodic
24. Langan, Kris/Arvey, Sarah Still
25. Jones, Roberta Mud Pies
26. Bloodtest Housewife in Back of Mind
27. Valery, Francoise Entremots Seville