Various Artists / For a Fistful of Yen
Album: For a Fistful of Yen   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 1994
Label:Century Media  

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American Paranoia
3. Aug 13, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Cop An Attitude
2. Jul 06, 2005: Lost and Found

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Cock Sparrer Last Train to Dagenham
2. Toxic Reasons Headfirst
3. Leatherface Animal Day
4. China Drum On My Way
5. Alloy More Alone with You
6. Alloy Unafraid
7. Zero Boys Indianapolis
8. Apartment 3-G Do the Wrong Thing
9. Apartment 3-G White As a Sheet
10. Articles of Faith 5 O Clock
11. Articles of Faith Buried Alive
12. Attitude Adjustment American Paranoia
13. Attitude Adjustment Bombs
14. Poison Idea Cop An Attitude
15. Offenders Face Down the Dirt
16. Offenders Eight Back
17. Toxic Reasons White Noise
18. Zero Boys Positive Change
19. Flag of Democracy Powerload
20. United Mutation Own Way
21. United Mutation Fugitive Family
22. Reflex From Pain Generic Life
23. Direct Action Damn-Age
24. Direct Action Uxb
25. Freeze, the Sacrifice not Suicide
26. Freeze, the Broken Bones
27. Black Market Baby Downward Christian Soldiers
28. Black Market Baby Killing Time
29. Destination Zero Kicks
30. Destination Zero The Only Way
31. Jones Very Straight Time
32. Vic Bondi Don't Turn Away
33. Reflex From Pain Dino