Various Artists / Manifestation
Album: Manifestation   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Anomie Records  

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1. May 19, 2006: The National Congress Of Vaselines
Struggle, 2+2

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Pain Teens One Thousand Nights
2. Pain Teens Daughter of Chaos
3. Pain Teens King Wicker
4. Trailor Trash Licence to Bitch
5. Trailor Trash Pig Lust
6. Trailor Trash Church of the Green Van
7. Trailor Trash Gramma
8. Trailor Trash We're Trash
9. Trailor Trash Stop
10. Jesus Penis God Has Everything Under Con
11. Jesus Penis Right On, Charlie!
12. Pleasure Center 2+2
13. Pleasure Center Road Soho
14. Pleasure Center Struggle
15. Pleasure Center Knots Inside
16. Turmoil in the Toybox Irene
17. Turmoil in the Toybox They Play All My Light Rock
18. Sacred Cow Girl
19. Sacred Cow Intro
20. Sacred Cow Church of Satan
21. Sacred Cow Allegro
22. Sacred Cow Whistline
23. Gut Logic Undecided
24. Gut Logic Fire
25. Gut Logic Somatose
26. Fortunes of Vice Sand Bath