Oasis / Definitely Maybe
Album: Definitely Maybe   Collection:Missing
Artist:Oasis   Added:Aug 1994
Label:Epic Records (Modern)  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2011-04-01
Wow! This one has just been languishing on the review shelf, and it's such a gem! Debut record from a straight-edge classic rock band out of Madchester (sp?), England -- this band features the outspoken Noel Gallagher and his tempestuous on-and-off boyfriend Liam on dueling vocals. These guys have already gained quite the reputation at underground venues for their physically abusive stage antics, realtime rows on Twitter, and propensity to use "fookin" a lot, but ever the professionals, these guys don't let a little relationship drama get in the way of great music.

The band name is a nod to our very own Oasis Bar & Grill, where Liam and Noel first met. Enamoured with the local philly cheesesteak (and each other), the pair immediately moved in together and formed a band in a garage in Palo Alto, and played their first-ever live show on WNL under the name The Wankers... we still have the reels in Deep Storage to prove it! Noel explains, of the KZSU experience: "It was the most fookin' ding-dong night of my life, demonic little bollocks-for-brains djs with their funny hair and fookin' ugly girlfriends, fookin' knobhead apex of shit college radio, it made me earholes bleed." In UK slang, that means he was thrilled with us!

Anyway, I'm super excited about this stuff. It sounds like no band you've ever heard before! We've got to get on this fast, though -- the NME proclaims this may very well be the "biggest band in Britain"... bigger than the Beatles! Come on, guys. Let's chart this before KALX does!

try: 5, 6, 9
FCCs: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11

1. FCC "shitty" cool fun classic rock sound. unfortunately, the lyrics twice repeat "i live my life in the shitty". what a shame!
2. gee, this sounds really familiar! i wonder if that other song was inspired by this one?
3. FCC "horsefucker" d'aww. a loving tribute to noel's mother and kurt cobain.
4. FCC "smeg" nice deep guitar riff. super interesting first-hand narrative about anal sex. "how does it feel when you're inside me?"
5. impressive! really adept cover of the stone roses' "don't stop", with the addition of some of the most profound lyrics i've heard all year.
6. hi-hat heavy melodic rock. a cautionary tale about doing cocaine on bullet trains.
7. FCC "faaack" x12 whoa, lots of FCCs here! fuzzy, loud rock. watch out!
8. bluesy twelve-bar riff. i have to admit, the only words i understand in this song are "shun" and "wine". i think that about sums it up!
9. cute boppy rock. a reimagining of the oasis as a full-service restaurant specialising in green eggs and lasagna.
10. anguishy, wailing, sexual rock. technically FCC clean, but multiple mentions of "slide in baby", "fellow from the top", and "i tried to bang you but i don't know what you're saying to me".
11. FCC "phil collins" heartbreaking solo acoustic closer. describes a troubled, bickering relationship between smurfette and christina applegate. touching and sad.

Track Listing
1. Rock 'n' Roll Star   6. Supersonic
2. Shakermaker   7. Bring It on Down
3. Live Forever   8. Cigarettes & Alcohol
4. Up in the Sky   9. Digsy's Diner
5. Columbia   10. Slide Away
  11. Married with Children