Ruhland, Konrad / Choralschola Of The Niederalta / Gregorian Chant
Album: Gregorian Chant   Collection:Classical
Artist:Ruhland, Konrad / Choralschola Of The Niederalta   Added:May 1994
Label:Sony Music  

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Kyrie Eleison

Track Listing
1. Repleatur Os Meum Laude Tua (Introit On The Friday Before Whitsun)   10. Pacem Relinquo Vobis - Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes (Antiphon And Psalm 116)
2. Regem Regum Dominum - Venite Exsultemus (Invitatory On The Feast Of All Saints)   11. Inviolata Integra Et Casta Es Maria (Marian Sequence)
3. Ecce Iam Noctis (Laudes Hymn On Sundays In The Summer)   12. Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum (Antiphon And Canticle Of The Blessed Virgin Mary)
4. Kyrie - Rex Aeterno (Kyrie Trope Of The Missa "De Angelis")   13. Salve Regina Misericordiae (Marian Antiphon And Trope)
5. Aurora Lucis Rutilat (Easter Hymn)   14. Coelestis Aulae Nuntius (Hymn On The Feast Of St. John)
6. Tua Est Potentia (Great Responsory On The Feast Of Christ The King)   15. Ut Queant Laxis (Hymn Of St. John) (Solmization Of Note Syllables)
7. Salve Festa Dies (Processional Hymn)   16. Laeta Quies Magni Ducis (Sequence On The Feast Of St. Benedict)
8. Veni Sancte Spritus (Whitsun Hymn)   17. Kyrie Eleison (Two Part Kyrie "Magnae Deus Potentiae," St. Peter, Salzburg)
9. Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Movement Of An Ambrosian Mass)   18. Da Pacem, Domine, In Diebus Nostris (Antiphon And Verse From Psalm 122)