Various Artists / Ak 79
Album: Ak 79   Collection:General
Artist: Various Artists   Added:May 1994
Label: Flying Nun Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 21, 2014: Buford J. Sharkley Presents: As Told to Hervey Okkles
Coup D'etat, I Am a Rabbit
3. Jan 06, 2006: Biff Bang Pow
2. Jan 13, 2006: Biff Bang Pow
Baby, Certain Sound, True Love, I Am a Rabbit, Never Been to Borstal

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Suburban Reptiles Megaton
2. Suburban Reptiles Coup D'etat
3. Scavengers Routine
4. Scavengers Mysterex
5. Terrorways Never Been to Borstal
6. Proud Scum I Am a Rabbit
7. Terrorways She's a Mod
8. Swingers Certain Sound
9. Primmers Funny Stories
10. Toy Love Squeeze
11. Swingers Baby
12. Primmers You're Gonna Get Done
13. Toy Love Toy Love Song
14. Suburban Reptiles Saturday Night Stay at Home
15. Proud Scum Suicide 2
16. Terrorways Shot Haired Rock 'n Roll
17. Features City Scenes
18. Spelling Mistakes Feel So Good
19. Marching Girls First in Line
20. Toy Love Frogs
21. Features Victim
22. Spelling Mistakes Hate Me Hate Me
23. Marching Girls True Love