Bob Marley and the Wailers / One Love
Album: One Love   Collection:World
Artist:Bob Marley and the Wailers   Added:Jan 1994

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And I Love Her

Album Review
Sadie McFarlane
Reviewed 2006-04-08
One Love: At Studio One, 1964-1966
Bob Marley and the Wailers – 2 CD Set
Reviewed by Beezher, 4/7/06
Bob Marley and the Wailers perform loads of Ska and Roots Reggae songs. Many of the songs also have Doo Wop vocal styling and the instrumentation is very simple and sweet for most of the songs.
Beezher’s Pics: CD1 - 2, 9, 6, and 19 / CD2 – 4, 5, 15, and 20
CD 1
1. (2:15) Acoustic, short and sweet with multiple voices chanting lines
2. (2:50) **Fun ska-ish song with bouncy horns
3. (3:40) Cute song about going home, occasional funny vocal noises,
4. (2:50) Doo Wop vocals layer a simple beat, lovey-dovey lyrics, smooth horn solo
5. (2:05) Mid tempo like the rest, mellow feel, slightly repetitive
6. (2:11) **Young and high pitched lead vocals, Bob must have been a Bobby then
7. (2:38) Funky intro, spiritual lyrics, sweet
8. (2:30) Sweet love song, with high horn solo
9. (2:42) **“Teenager in Love” the Wailer version, with a Doo Wop beat
10. (3:07) Slooooooow, low, romantic lyrics and vocals, little instrumentation
11.(2:42) Slow, nice guitar licks and solo, bluesy feel
12.(2:45) Bouncey twangy guitars, harmonica solo, nice
13.(2:54) Messes up in the beginning, seconds of silence, turns into a cute song
14.(2:44) Frustrated love song, keyboard organ-like solo in the middle
15.(2:11) Nice horn loop, cutesy vocals, yeah yeah…
16.(2:13) “Do You Love Me” the Wailer version, I can dig it
17.(3:15) Slow Doo Wop, lonely boy message
18.(3:02) Fun percussive intro, funky ska
19.(3:19) **Early version of One Love, very nice
20.(2:38) Lovey dovey lyrics, fun horns blowing throughout
21.(2:12) Spiritual, deep introspective lyrics
CD 2
1. (3:06) Slow love song, simple and sweet, crooning vocals
2. (2:21) Dooobie Doobie Do Wa…nice vocals
3. (3:34) Slow and mellow, on the verge of crying the whole time
4. (2:59) **Slick Ska fusion with the Jerk, smooth and fun
5. (3:02) **Deep and grooves well, jazzy horn solo in middle and end
6. (2:35) Acoustic rehearsal, female vocals are very prominent, light, yet deep
7. (3:16) Actual version of “Wages of Love”, nice
8. (3:08) Fun instrumentation, twangy bits of guitar here and there
9. (2:43) High falsetto background vocals, sad song
10. (2:24) Social commentary song about the prison system
11. (3:07) Slow and funky roots reggae, deep song lyrics
12. (2:34) Mellow and introspective, soft and smooth lead vocals
13. (2:45) Slow ska number, simple
14. (2:39) This one grooves slowly, nice love song, you can hear the record static
15. (2:23) **The most upbeat of both albums, jerk it out kind of feel, fun!
16. (2:59) Slowish, nice vocal harmony, chill song
17. (2:55) Slooooow and low, sweet vocals, interesting lyrics
18. (2:33) Mellow love song, short and sweet
19. (2:49) Deep social song, we all need some good ol’ freedom
20. (1:50) **Slow rock steady, lovely lyrics and vocals, sweet song

Track Listing
1. This Train   21. And I Love Her
2. Simmer Down   22. Rude Boy
3. I Am Going Home   23. I'm Still Waiting
4. Do You Remember   24. Ska Jerk
5. Mr. Talkative   25. Somewhere to Lay My Head
6. Habits   26. Wages of Love Rehearsal
7. Amen   27. Wages of Love
8. Go Jimmy Go   28. I'm Gonna Put It on
9. Teenager in Love   29. Cry to Me
10. I Need You   30. Jailhouse
11. It Hurts to Be Alone   31. Sinner Man
12. True Confession   32. Who Feels It Knows It
13. Lonesome Feeling   33. Let Him Go
14. There She Goes   34. When the Well Runs Dry
15. Diamond Baby   35. Can't You See
16. Playboy   36. What Am I Supposed to Do
17. Where's the Girl for Me   37. Rolling Stone
18. Hooligan   38. Bend Down Low
19. One Love   39. Freedom Time
20. Love and Affection   40. Rocking Steady