This Mortal Coil / It'll End in Tears
Album: It'll End in Tears   Collection:General
Artist:This Mortal Coil   Added:Jan 1994

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Album Review
David McWade
Reviewed 2007-09-24
This is the 4AD in-house project, the first This Mortal Coil and on many levels the best one, since a large array of musicians, both within (such as Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance, Elizabeth Fraser and other members of the Cocteau Twins, members of Wolfgang Press, Xmal Deutschland and Colourbox) and outside (such as Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk) the 4AD label put together a truly beautiful record. Released in 1984, putting together some:

quasi-goth (tr. 1,3,5,12),
precious music (7, very much the best track, Elizabeth Fraser, strings),
just plain pretty, soaring (2),
music using the sequencer in an advanced way (4),
almost over-the-top pop (11)

Also check out the sequence 8,9,10, the songs run together here, indeed from track 7 to 11. 8 through 10 practically tell a 3-part story, with their nearly celestial, ethereal motif, and inevitably sad and plaintive ending.

If you are at all interested in learning about the 4AD label and the amazing musical vision and production of the man simply known as 'Ivo' start with this record and read the liner notes that indicate how so many different (many forgotten) instruments finally saw the light of day and somehow work together to create this incredibly coherent work.

Instrumentals are originals; most songs with vocals are covers.

Track Listing
1. Kangaroo   7. Another Day
2. Song to the Siren   8. Waves Become Wings
3. Holocaust   9. Barramundi
4. Fyt   10. Dreams Made Flesh
5. Fond Affections   11. Not Me
6. The Last Ray   12. A Single Wish