Various Artists / American Clave
Album: American Clave   Collection:General
Artist: Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label: American Clave  

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Prelude to the Cyclical Nigh
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She Turned So that Maybe a T, When I Lose Myself in the Da, Tanguedia Iii, She Turned So that Maybe a T, Two
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Leijia's Game
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Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Cardona, Milton Salute to Elegua
2. Piazzolla, Astor Tanguedia Iii
3. Hanrahan, Kip When I Lose Myself in the Da
4. Hanrahan, Kip She Turned So that Maybe a T
5. Reed, Ishmael & Leo Nocentelli Sputin
6. Murray, David & Ishmael Reed Jes' Grew
7. Bruce, Jack & Pete Brown Make Love 2
8. Piazzolla, Astor Ah, Intruder
9. Piazzolla, Astor Prelude to the Cyclical Nigh
10. Hanrahan, Kip The First and Last to Love M
11. Cardona, Milton Ebioso
12. Reed, Ishmael & Steve Swallow The Author Reflects on His T
13. Haines, Paul & Robert Wyatt Curtsy
14. Hanarahan, Kip At the Moment of the Serve
15. Hanarahan, Kip Meaning a Visa
16. Hanarahan, Kip Two
17. Piazzolla, Astor Soledad
18. Bowie, Lester & Ishmael Reed Fool-Ology
19. Hanarahan, Kip A Lover Divides Time
20. D'alessio, Carlos & Marguerite India Song
21. Haines, Paul & George Cartwrig Poem for Gretchen Ruth
22. Mori, Ikue & Tim Wright & Arto New Fast
23. Hanrahan, Kip Velasquez
24. Haines, Paul & John Tchicai There Aren't These Things
25. Piazzolla, Astor Leijia's Game
26. Hernandez, Rene & Kip Hanrahan Shadow Song
27. Hanrahan, Kip Geography
28. Piazzolla, Astor Prelude to the Cyclical Nigh