Sandler, Adam / They're All Gonna Laugh at You
Album: They're All Gonna Laugh at You   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Sandler, Adam   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Warner Brothers (Modern)  

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1. Nov 24, 2011: The Songsmith Show
The Thanksgiving Song

Track Listing
1. Assistant Principal's Big Dy   11. The Beating of a Hs Bus Driv
2. The Buffoon and the Dean of   12. Oh Mom...
3. Buddy   13. Fatty Mcgee
4. The Longest Pee   14. Beating of a Hs Science Teac
5. Food Innuendo Guy   15. The Cheerleader
6. The Beating of a High School   16. I'm So Wasted
7. Right Field   17. Lunchlady Land
8. The Buffoon and the Valedict   18. The Beating of a Hs Spanish
9. Mr. Spindel's Phone Call   19. Toll Booth Willie
10. The Thanksgiving Song   20. Teenage Love on the Phone
  21. My Little Chicken