Various Artists / Casanova Bar Records - Various Artists
Album: Casanova Bar Records - Various Artists   Collection:General - Electronic
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2024
Label:Casanova Bar Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2024-06-08
All-female VA from Berlin’s Casanova Bar records. Support the ladies of techno! Four different artists, four different styles, all impressive. All tracks FCC clean

1. Deep hypnotic techno with pulsating rhythms. Raw percussion. Tightly coiled melodies
2. Hard, unapologetic, with ringing elements and melodic slices cutting through the track. Nice metallic flourishes give this an industrial touch
3. Ethereal, atmospheric. Beautiful dub techno with soaring highs and rumbly washes of sound
4. Angular, dark, gurgly. True to the track’s title “Insecta.” Really creative

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Anika Kunst Refocus
2. Danya Encode
3. Any Mello He Is a Ghost
4. Milena Glowacka Insecta