Wolfe, Chelsea / She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She
Album: She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She   Collection:A-File
Artist:Wolfe, Chelsea   Added:Apr 2024
Label:Loma Vista  

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Album Review
DJ Aporia
Reviewed 2024-04-11
Alternative rock with industrial and darkwave tendencies. Chelsea Wolfe is a genre-spanning artist whose previous records have encompassed gothic folk, doom metal, darkwave, and dream rock. I loved her 7” “Hypnos / Flame” and consistently enjoyed her previous records. She’s known for her aesthetic which channels forces of darkness into music and art. I think of her as the more industrial counterpart to Emma Ruth Rundle — both formerly of Sargent House and they’re friends and collaborators, did a song “Anhedonia” and toured Australia and New Zealand together. The music web describes this record as a “nocturnal rave of an album” and that’s pretty accurate. Great album with some standout vocal-driven tracks and industrial arrangements that work well — play it!

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Favorites: 3, 4, 6, 7, 9

1. (4:01) Whispers in the Echo Chamber — Throbbing dark industrial, intense outro
2. (4:23) House of Self-Undoing — Closer to the sound of previous records, urgent rock with intense drumming
3. (4:26) ** Everything Turns Blue — Slow burner, intriguing lyrics, reminds me of Tamaryn “Fade Away Slow”
4. (4:08) * Tunnel Lights — Industrial elements and drawn out vox, love the piano accents, energy picks up in outro
5. (4:52) The Liminal — Vocal-driven, closer to the sound of Pain is Beauty, love the strong vox three minutes on
6. (4:34) * Eyes Like Nightshade — Very industrial but dancey too, Chelsea plays Basement NY
7. (4:24) ** Salt — Vocal-driven track that showcases her range, gets mildly industrial 2:11 in, “salt in our tears, salt in our memories,” love this
8. (3:27) Unseen World — Drums, kind of cheesy instrumentals, feels like a film soundtrack
9. (4:10) * Place in the Sun — Vox and keys, beautiful vox, goes to new heights vocally
10. (4:34) Dusk — Builds off the previous track, similar vibe but then irrupts at 2:59 with what sounds like alt-country electric guitars

Track Listing
1. Whispers in the Echo Chamber (4:01)   6. Eyes Like Nightshade (4:34)
2. House of Self-Undoing (4:23)   7. Salt (4:24)
3. Everything Turns Blue (4:26)   8. Unseen World (3:27)
4. Tunnel Lights (4:08)   9. Place in the Sun (4:10)
5. The Liminal (4:52)   10. Dusk (4:34)