Osees / Intercepted Message
Album: Intercepted Message   Collection:General
Artist:Osees   Added:Nov 2023
Label:In the Red Records  

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Intercepted Message

Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2023-12-10
Osees (aka Thee Oh Sees, OCS, etc, etc, etc) bring more manic, driving, spooky, demented garage/kraut sounds in this, their 28th album. It’s got a cool skull on the cover, you know what to expect (but with goofier synth sounds than usual) … all similarish except for last two tracks, heads up

This is the radio clean edit, no FCCs

1. **** (2:44) Steady kraut beat out of gate, we’re going; shouted lyrics and kinda mathy, plummy synths
2. ****** (4:15) goofy, dissonant synth opening, kinda spooky classic OCS sound, but also an accordion falling down the steps in a nightmare; real good, fades away gradually
3. ***** (3:26) ‘80s button-jamming rhythm, freak-out with post-punk synth textures; on-and-off manic wall of rhythm
4. ** (4:10) funkier space sounds, muted and lost vocals in the murk of bleeps and blorps… very meandering, weird and harsh (but pretty cool)
5. *** (3:22) chanty, more sugar-sweet, oomp-pah rhythms and spacey/mathy
6. *** (3:17) wailing, honky dissonant jam session, turns into math-garage jam from hell; objectively annoying, but cool; nightmare, nightmare, nightmare
7. ****** (2:12) kraut driving rhythm, garage with bloops, fast and cool; crazy and shaggy… sudden ending!
8. ** (2:46) woah-oh-oh, kinda slinky and repetitive, thumping and glammy
9. **** (2:49) confusing, labyrinth of a synth, into weird maze of different driving kraut jams; oblique rhythms
10. ***** (3:09) super-shaggy, straightforward driving kraut with goofy vox… keeps accelerating
11. (7:03) completely different, ‘80s lounge lizard sleaze vaseline sound… slow and sappy ballad; maybe you’ll dig it, but heads up
12. (2:01) ‘80s soft-pop schlock sfx, no vox, echoey hand-claps, and we’re done

Track Listing
1. Stunner   6. The Fish Needs a Bike
2. Blank Chems   7. Goon
3. Intercepted Message   8. Chaos Heart
4. Die Laughing   9. Submerged Building
5. Unusual & Cruel   10. Sleazoid Psycho
  11. Always at Night