Connors, Loren & Scott Tuma / A West Bound Brook / Gone to Turin
Album: A West Bound Brook / Gone to Turin   Collection:General
Artist:Connors, Loren & Scott Tuma   Added:Oct 2023
Label:Profane Illuminations  

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2023-10-15
Split LP (though credited to both artists together) between Loren Connors and Scott Tuma, who have been expanding the meditative possibilities of the guitar for decades. Connors (in Brooklyn, now in his seventies) and Tuma (in Chicago, past member of the very early alt-country band Souled American) both play very slowly and loosely, and the fragile beauty of their music is heartbreaking. It's difficult to compare either of these guitarists with anyone else. Play 1 (Tuma) if you want gorgeous melodies, play 2 (Connors) if you're looking for thick nighttime ambiance. No words, no FCCs.

1. (11:51)—Scott Tuma's piece. Desolate Western blues. Slow, downtuned electric and acoustic guitar. Mournful high harmonica. Becomes very gentle and spare, ending with wind chimes and outdoor sounds.
2. (7:51)—Loren Connors's piece. Cavernous and dissonant, with high guitar washes and bass rumbles.

Track Listing
1. A West Bound Brook   2. Gone to Turin