Old Saw / Sewn the Name
Album: Sewn the Name   Collection:General
Artist:Old Saw   Added:May 2023
Label:Lobby Art  

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Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2023-08-06
Old-time country music unspooled and stretched out until only the grainiest, dustiest textures remain——like listening to 78s with an aural jeweler's loupe. Old Saw is a five-piece that makes drone on fiddle, banjo, pedal and lap steel, 12-string guitar, and shepherd's bells. To quote a post on Bandcamp, "That's some down home drone." RIYL Boxhead Ensemble, Henry Flynt, Marisa Anderson, SUSS. Favorites: 1, 2, 4 (though all are beautifully eerie). No words, no FCCs.

1. *(8:10)—Long, lamenting B minor drone. The instruments hover and swirl insectlike. Deep, heartwrenching guitar tones toll.
2. *(7:15)—Train sounds. Broken guitar chords, slow fiddle, dewdrop-like banjo.
3. (6:55)—Reversed tape for the entire track. Whooshing, clacking. Shadowy tones. Some passages are reminiscent of early Stars of the Lid.
4. *(9:28)—The opening drone almost evokes throat singing, then the high pedal steel textures join. Deeper guitar tones shudder underneath.
5. (6:19)—Warm drone, gentler and sunnier than the other tracks.
6. (6:10)—Dirge led by minor-key banjo strumming.

Track Listing
1. Weathervaning   4. Highgate Ledger
2. Brooksville Trestle Remains   5. Spinner's Weave
3. Ira Dorset Suffering From Moonblindness   6. Bobcat Sarabande