Magic Castles / Sun Reign
Album: Sun Reign   Collection:General
Artist:Magic Castles   Added:Oct 2022
Label:A Records  

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2022-10-29
From Minneapolis. On Anton Newcombe’s A Records label, the association with Brian Jonestown Massacre is a good hint as to what this sounds like: late sixties jangle psych with requisite tripped out elements cross-breeding with shoegaze (incest really if you think about it). Great stuff, far beyond the Psychedelic of the Velvets, Elevators, Raiders, Her Majesty’s Stones et al. Stands out on its own. Since 2007, the brainchild of Jason Edmond (who was almost killed in a car accident in ‘19). All radio friendly.

1) (3:22) mellow strummy jangle. 2)* (4:13) the slow sexy airy tripped out BJM sound cannot be denied 3) (2:51) darker feel, 12 string electric and Big Muff fuzz 60’s worship 4)* (4:31) upbeat chiming guitars, brushed drums and a ethereal vocs drenched in verb-lay give it a soft sexy tone 5) (5:36) slow introspective feel 6) (3:19) very slow and 60’s cinematic instrumental ballad 7) (6:17) this very slow tripped out piece gets into som heavy effects and toward the end even some near prog Can type urgency 8) (4:02) pleasant mellow with a 60’s flute element 9)* (4:19) layers of tones, strings, loopers in intro then goes full-bore shoegaze 10) (3:54) a pleasant gazey upbeat ender. Bill C. 10/22

Track Listing
1. Sunburst   6. Valley of Nysa
2. Lost Dimension   7. Magna Mater
3. Ode to the Wind   8. Surmise
4. Asuras   9. Gates of the Sun
5. World of Time   10. Relax Your Mind