Vic Bang / Burung
Album: Burung   Collection:General
Artist:Vic Bang   Added:Oct 2022
Label:Moon Glyph  

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2022-10-26
Excellent modular synth (Eurorack) compositions from Argentinian artist (Bueno Aires). Cassette release available on bandcamp. These typify the types of tones Eurorack modules excel at. Taking the early experiments of Karl Moog to the next evolutionary level. All instrumental, radio friendly length. Check it out!

No track by track, say all tracks have that semi random CV triggering of tones from the blippy to the dreamy. Great stuff pick any. 

Track Listing
1. Uze   5. Lili
2. Oruro   6. Gran Izo
3. Minyatiri   7. Poeia
4. Ni Oro   8. Yazzú
  9. Oh Carina