Goat, The / Details Are Vague, The
Album: Details Are Vague, The   Collection:General
Artist:Goat, The   Added:Jul 2022
Label:Groundwerk Recordings  

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2022-07-20
Primarily tribal electro techno, eases into variety and texture midway “interlude” (an ambient track too), roars back. From the Pacific NW. Techno rave for the mud covered humanity out at Black Rock. Ambient music for coming down. Mostly instrumental (Bjorkish female vocal appears on one track, male 80’s industrial singing near the end) uses heavy kick drum, swirling noises and dark themed melodies (subtle), light guitar here there. Excellent hypnotic, old school feel, grows intense, “bangin’”. Not the usual stuff. Many can be played on continuous (e.g., 8-10). Track 11 could be played with Skinny Puppy easily.

1) (2:15) noisy elements 2) (7:05) pounding. 3) (6:14) bit a straighter techno feel to this relatively 4) (6:24) cool melodic hook. 5) (4:20) spooky chill tone. 6)*(5:50), tribal uptick with slow phrased female vocals, bjorkis, and subtle guitar 7) (4:02) ambient 8) (6:23) straight techno pounding returns 9) (6:39) comes out of previous, same feel (play together) 10)* (6:51) also blends with previous, this starts getting frenzied intense 11) (7:17) 80’s industrial feel, beat, skinny puppy grown up with a male singer(s?) harkening the era 12) (1:30) dark ambient scary noise bookend. Bill C. 7/22

Track Listing
1. Removed From Service   7. You Missed the Forest Through the Trees
2. Good Morning Sinners   8. Textiles & Plastics
3. Parsec   9. The Mud of Humanity
4. Random Dot Audio Stereogram   10. Vulcanize
5. Ephemeral   11. Reduced to Ashes Feat. Jamison Prystay & Rhett Williams
6. Alone Feat. Melohalo   12. Exit Now