Noriegas, The / A.E. (Artificial Estupido)
Album: A.E. (Artificial Estupido)   Collection:General
Artist:Noriegas, The   Added:Jul 2022
Label:Self Release  

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2022-07-19
When Elvis fell off the Crapper dead, oh so long ago, narco booze bloated and fat but, alas, a steaming pound or two lighter at that moment he created a musical void many feared could never be replaced. Well I got some great news!

KZSU stalwarts, alums, newest release is a recorded recent live performance. No fancy Neumann mics hitting a mobile 30ips machine here: joyfully low fi. Soothing drone noise embellished with drum cymbals occasionally. Plain and simple really, drone. Noise. Long form. Nuff sed. The Noriegas have left the building!

Choose any 1) (23:24) 2) (22:20) 3) (23:40) 4) (13:58) 5) (19:34)

Bill C. 7/22

Track Listing
1. A.E. (Part I)   3. A.E. (Coda)
2. A.E. (Part II)   4. Estupido Altruism (I)
  5. Estupido Altruism (II)