Horseface / Sanakirjan Takana
Album: Sanakirjan Takana   Collection:General
Artist:Horseface   Added:Jun 2022
Label:Sing A Song Fighter  

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1. Jul 26, 2022: Virtually Happy

Album Review
Reviewed 2022-06-28
Beautifully moody electronicy dubish music from this four piece from Umeå, Sweden. Bandcamp says they were inspired by dub and 80s DIY/post-punk music. They blend those inspirations together in their own way, mixing electronic beats and traditional instruments into a sound as unique as it is lovely. Their singer, Hanna Kangassalo, sings entirely in Finish. Hard to describe their sound, like maybe a mid point between Young Marble Giants and Bjork? Highly recommended though, give it a listen and see what you think. Sounds from the end of some tracks bleed over into the next if you want to play more than one together.

#1 Quiet vocals over uptempo beats, violins come and go.
#2 Dark beats, chanting vocals, might be my favorite track.
#3 Starts with statiky beat, bright guitar and muffled bass join in, then gentle vocals.
#4 Glassy beat with chimes, drums join in, then bass. Vocals are slightly melancholy.
#5 Reverb from end of track 4 into muffled trumpet, drums and effects join for this minute long instrumental.
#6 More of 80s electronic vibe, starting with beats, slow and rhythmic. Drums join, then distorted vocals come in after a minute. Guitars come around the two minute mark, followed by lead vocals.
#7 Starts with wind and clicking clacking noises, a violin grows in the background with various electronic streams, a distant vocal chant, then a beat and drums come up with violin, lead vocals, and electronic effects into a peppy vibe.
#8 Cheap 80s keyboard sounding beat, some crow calls, synths join for this one minute instrumental.
#9 Moody and rhythmic looping beat made up of organ and distant drums with somber vocals.
#10 Quirky drums, glass chimes, upbeat vocals.

Track Listing
1. Lasimiekka   6. Kuljen Kuljen
2. Nakutus   7. Elämäni Naiset
3. Jokin Meni Rikki   8. Sanakirja
4. Kaasu Ja Lemu   9. Sanakirjan Takana
5. Uusi Aika   10. Surkee Marionetti