Otoboke Beaver / SUPER CHAMPON
Album: SUPER CHAMPON   Collection:General
Artist:Otoboke Beaver   Added:Jun 2022

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George & Janice
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I Am Not Maternal
2. Oct 26, 2023: Oh Messy Life
George & Janice
5. Dec 03, 2022: Music Casserole
First​-​class Side​-​guy
3. Mar 23, 2023: Down in the Basement
I Am Not Maternal
6. Nov 24, 2022: Oh Messy Life
I Won't Dish out Salads

Album Review
Reviewed 2022-06-27
Hyper, out-of-control, manic punk rock'n'roll from an all woman band from Japan. Songs feature many many rapid tempo changes with vocals jumping around from chanting to singing to screaming. Super fun energy to everything! Songs are very short, only two tracks are longer than 2 minutes. Fits somewhere between Shonen Knife and Melt Banana.

#1 Repetitive beat, cartoony sing-song Japanese vocals.
#2 Starts with chanted vocals, short intense guitar bursts, more chants, ends with super speed burst.
#3 Fast, then faster
#4 Distorted guitar, chanted vocals, lots of shorted "Shut Ups"
#5 Rock'n'Roll vibe, shouted vocals, slow break-down
#6 Loud, aggressive, yelling "Leave me Alone"
#7 Starts with sung repeated word, then jack-hammer guitar noise
#8 Winding guitar and vocals.
#9 Vocal solo intro, joined by bass and drums, then bursts of harsh guitars and screaming, then a building rhythm.
#10 Big stompy guitar sound. Only 26 seconds long.
#11 Manic hard-core speed, a little like Jelly Roll Rock Heads.
#12 Starts with spoken vocals, then jumpy guitar and drums with sung vocals, changes tempo many times.
#13 Fast chanted vocals, symbols. Only 18 seconds long.
#14 Rocking with short start-stop bits throughout.
#15 Loud stompy guitar sound again, lots of vocal screams in between the singing.
#16, #17, #18 these tracks are about 15 seconds each. 16 and 17 are part 1 and 2 of the same song split across the two tracks.

Track Listing
1. I Am Not Maternal   10. Where Did You Buy Such a Nice Watch You Are Wearing Now
2. YAKITORI   11. George & Janice
3. I Won't Dish out Salads   12. First​-​class Side​-​guy
4. PARDON?   13. You’re No Hero Shut up F​*​ck You Man​-​whore
5. Nabe Party With Pocket Brothers   14. I Don't Want to Die Alone
6. Leave Me Alone! No, Stay With Me!   15. Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting for My Reaction
7. I Checked Your Cellphone   16. Do You Want Me to Send a DM
8. I Put My Love to You in a Song JASRAC   17. Do You Want Me to Send a DM Part 2
9. Don't Call Me Mojo   18. Let's Shopping After Show