Veirs, Laura / My Echo
Album: My Echo   Collection:General
Artist:Veirs, Laura   Added:Nov 2020
Label:Bella Union  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2020-11-01
Reviewed: 11-1-2020
Reviewer: Tom McCarter
Genre: General
FCCs: #3 (shit)
If You Like: Elizabeth Fraser, Hope Sandoval, Flaming Lips
Review: one of my favorite alternative artists returns with a shimmering collection of haunting original tunes. She has a unique voice & I live how she blends the instruments. This was recorded after her 20 year marriage broke up and the lyrics reflect it.
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
*1/ Freedom Feeling (3:21) - guitar starts> slow song with echoing vocals> strings kick in> builds in volume> quick fade
2/ Another Space And Time (4:42) - finger snaps start> midtempo song> slow fade to quick stop
(FCC) *3/ Turquoise Walls (3:24) - vocal starts> exuberant uptempo song about breaking up> fade
4/ Memaloose Island (3:35) - synth starts> uptempo song remembering a wonderful time> quick fade
5/ End Times (3:07) - piano stars> slow song about breaking up builds to midtempo> fade
6/ Burns Too Bright (3:00) - synth starts> rocking uptempo song> quick fade
**7/ Brick Layer (2:31) - synth starts> midtempo song about trying to make love work> quick fade
*8/ All The Things (3:28) - spoken intro> midtempo song about the end of special things> fade
9/ I Sing To The Tall Man (3:10) - guitar/vocal starts> midtempo love song> quick fade
*10/ Vapor trails (4;32) - synth starts quietly, slow song about loss with beautiful harmonies> male vocal joins> slow fade

Track Listing
1. Freedom Feeling   6. Burn Too Bright
2. Another Space and Time   7. Brick Layer
3. Turquoise Walls   8. All the Things
4. Memaloose Island   9. I Sing to the Tall Man
5. End Times   10. Vapor Teails