Edwards, Kathleen / Total Freedom
Album: Total Freedom   Collection:General
Artist:Edwards, Kathleen   Added:Aug 2020

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-08-19
“Total Freedom” Kathleen Edwards
Indie roots rock, pop and folk — with a hint of alt country. First album in eight years from the Canadian, who lives in a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario. After touring in support of her fourth album, 2012’s “Voyageur,” a weary Edwards “left” music. She opened a coffee shop called Quitters and happily worked long days serving local aficionados her many blends. Now, she’s back with a fabulous collection of songs. The catchy melodies are guitar-driven with some piano and other keyboards — plus Edwards’ honest, often-personal storytelling vocals. She’s an excellent songwriter and can do so much with her voice. Lots of really excellent tracks on this album!
— Francis

Highly recommended: 2, 5, 3, 1, 7, 9. FCCs on #1 and #7 (Radio Edits)

1. (4:30) Glenfern (Radio Edit) — Breezy, fast-paced rock with folk sensibilities. Storytelling vocals that take an honest look at the pluses and minuses of touring. ***
2. (5:33) Hard On Everyone — Jangly rock with a snappy beat. Velvety smooth vocals as Edwards spins tales about a past abusive relationship. Very War on Drugs-like arrangement. ****
3. (3:14) Birds On A Feeder — Gorgeous, pristine ballad about living in solitude. Acoustic guitar, layered with piano, synth and a gentle beat. ****
4. (4:15) Simple Math — Alt country-flavored tune. Shimmering keyboards or guitar effects. Quiet strummy guitar mixed with electric. Simple raw vocals.
5. (3:48) Options Open — Foot-tapping roots pop rock with a hint of slide guitar. Nice love song. Confident lead vocals, harmonized in the chorus. ****
6. (3:21) Feelings Fade — Simple, swelling ballad. Flowing synth strings. Strummed guitar. Melancholy vocals about love lost.
7. (3:30) Fools Ride (Radio Edit) — Tender and wryly evocative vocals, with a stop-and-go rhythm. Biting, bitter lyrics about “taking a fool’s ride.” Twinkling synths in the chorus. ***
8. (4:05) Ashes To Ashes Sweet and fragile tune about a friend’s passing. Fingerpicked guitar and a bit of banjo in the lead break. Breathy vocals in Edwards’ highest range.
9. (2:23) Who Rescued Who — Short, heartfelt tribute to Redd, her golden retriever. Also, acknowledgement of her habit of self-medicating with alcohol. Personal and pensive recollections set to a persistent beat. ***
10. (3:58) Take It With You When You Go — Deliberate, slow and sad closer. Piano ballad set to an almost march-like tempo. Reverbed vocals building to an anthemic finish.
11. (2:38) Dogs And Alcohol (Bonus Track) — Stripped-down version of #9 — with a simple strummed guitar and Edwards’ spare vocals.

Track Listing
1. Glenfern (Radio Edit)   6. Feelings Fade
2. Hard On Everyone   7. Fools Ride (Radio Edit)
3. Birds On A Feeder   8. Ashes To Ashes
4. Simple Math   9. Who Rescued Who
5. Options Open   10. Take It With You When You Go
  11. Dogs And Alcohol (Bonus Track)