Shred Kelly / Like A Rising Sun
Album: Like A Rising Sun   Collection:General
Artist:Shred Kelly   Added:Jul 2020
Label:Devilduck Records  

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-07-18
“Like A Rising Sun” Shred Kelly
High-energy, alternative folk rock and indie rock from the five-piece band based in the Canadian Rockies. This is Shred Kelly’s fifth studio album since 2010. Driving beats, guitars that range from strummed acoustic to distorted electric, clawhammer banjo, keyboards, and exceptional vocals with sweet harmonies from Tim Newton and Sage McBride. Fast-paced. Anthemic. Explosive at times, with some pensive, reflective moments. Excellent honest songwriting. An outstanding album!
— Francis

Highly recommended: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 1. No FCCs

1. (3:24) Rising Sun — Lighter, melodic folk rock with prominent strummed banjo and a measured beat. Breaks out to a bigger rock sound with soaring vocals. Segues directly into track #2. ***
2. (4:41) Roman Candle Eyes — Up-tempo folk rock anthem with an unbridled spirit. Celebration of the birth of Tim Newton’s son. Driving pace. Rapidly strummed guitars. Strings. Uplifting vocals. ****
3. (3:43) Dead Leaves — Ominous feeling. Thumping and pulsing tune, with noisy, reverbed guitars, synth, and banjo mixed in. About social media’s downside. ****
4. (3:36) Take Me Home — Rapidly strummed guitar that explodes into a bigger rock song. Thumping bass drum beat. Full sound. Celebratory.
5. (4:41) You Almost Meant The World To Me — Swaying, swelling sad ballad featuring Sage McBride on lead vocals. Sprawling guitar and synth waves, with distant banjo trappings. ****
6. (4:46) The Hill — Banjo leads this high-energy, foot-stompin’ tune. Roaring guitars. Rapid, backbeat drums. Top-of-range vocals. Shredding banjo in lead break! ****
7. (3:46) Looking For — McBride on lead again. Straight-ahead folk rock with banjo front and center. Light, sweet harmonies.
8. (4:24) Underground — Another departure from Shred Kelly’s anthemic sound. Catchy indie rock with nice dynamics. Thumping beat. Newton leads on vocals, with McBride harmonizing. ***
9. (3:41) Long Way From Your Heart — More of a poppy feeling — with a great beat, jangly guitar that becomes noisy at times, and strong hooks. Could be another single.
10. (0:37) On The Horizon — Strummy, lo-fi interlude before closer.
11. (8:16) Disconnect — Epic, almost prog-rock tune. Melodic noise rock. Distorted guitars over a relentless beat. McBride has the lead vocals. Urgent feeling set in an edgy and experimental soundscape. Spacey effects trail out for the final two minutes. ***

Track Listing
1. Rising Sun   6. The Hill
2. Roman Candle Eyes   7. Looking For
3. Dead Leaves   8. Underground
4. Take Me Home   9. Long Way From Your Heart
5. You Almost Meant The World To Me   10. On The Horizon
  11. Disconnect