Ediss, Brandi / Bees and Bees and Bees
Album: Bees and Bees and Bees   Collection:General
Artist:Ediss, Brandi   Added:Jun 2020
Label:Futureman Records  

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2020-07-18
“Bees And Bees And Bees” Brandi Ediss
Guitar-based indie pop and folk-pop from a really appealing, young singer-songwriter from Northampton, Mass. Catchy throwback pop. Acoustic ballads. Great melodies. Lyrics are witty, wry, perfectly spun, and engagingly personal. Occasionally DIY-sounding, but also consistently endearing. Very impressive debut from an eye-opening songwriting and performing talent.
— Francis

Highly recommended: 2, 8, 4, 9, 3, 7. No FCCs (Track 5 – FCC Clean)

1. (1:32) Bees And Bees And Bees — Jazzy number. Busy (buzzy?) bass line delivers energy. Some jangle. Doubled lead vocals with nice harmonies.
2. (3:42) Count To Three — A true standout. Syncopated melodic pop that’s a throwback to the hit singles of the 1970s. Piano, guitar and a hint of banjo. Wonderful dynamic shifts. A real pick-me-up, “It’s gonna be great!” ****
3. (3:54) Chicago — Tuneful chamber pop. Fingerpicked guitar. Swelling strings. Appealing, sweet reflections on her time in Chicago. ***
4. (2:00) Robot Heart — Fun, light strummy pop. Prominent ukulele. Finger snaps. Playful bass line. Melodica in lead break. ****
5. (3:04) I Didn’t Try — Toe-tapper with downer lyrics about missing life’s opportunities. Fingerpicked guitar. Handclaps. Glockenspiel. FCCs (shit – 3 times) edited out.
6. (4:35) Little Tiny — Fragile, fingerpicked guitar ballad. Vulnerable vocals. Piano. Glockenspiel and sleigh bells give the tune a wintery feeling.
7. (4:45) Happy Days — Simple, flowing ditty. Wistful vocals. Gentle, heartwarming harmonies. Strummed acoustic guitar. Melodica. ***
8. (3:43) Stupid Boyfriend — Bouncy and upbeat. 1960s-style girl group pop, complete with ma-ma-ma-ma harmonies in the chorus. Tremolo guitar effects. ****
9. (5:13) The Sweetest Words — Lilting, storytelling singer-songwriter folk-pop. Spare and honest lyrics. Ediss’ pure vocals backed by her strummed and fingerpicked acoustic guitar. ***
10. (2:39) I’ll Keep You Warm — Guitar-based ballad. Warm and uplifting, enveloped by a swelling orchestral arrangement. Nice harmonized vocals.
11. (3:19) Clicks Of Shutters — Slower and halting. Strummed guitar. Complex rhythm with tom-toms and lots of bright bells. Rich harmonies.
12. (2:55) Linoleum — Bubbly and quirky closer. Skipping rhythm. Very DIY feeling. Vocals get a bit jazzy in places.

Track Listing
1. Bees And Bees And Bees   7. Happy Days
2. Count To Three   8. Stupid Boyfriend
3. Chicago   9. The Sweetest Words
4. Robot Heart   10. I
5. I Didn   11. Clicks Of Shutters
6. Little Tiny   12. Linoleum