Adam Noriega Amado / Beer in a Handful of Dust
Album: Beer in a Handful of Dust   Collection:General
Artist:Adam Noriega Amado   Added:May 2020

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1. May 14, 2020: Stranded at Settembrini's
Rock and Roll Seven-Point Turn

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2020-05-13
KZSU-affiliated noise: this is a solo album by a former KZSU General Manager and member of The Noriegas. (File under "Adam," it's a pseudonym.) This reminds me a lot of cassette culture ~2010 or before: psychedelic, gnarly, and eerie. I want to listen while driving slowly through a ghost town in the Southwest. This would've had good company on KZSU's old tape blog ( RIYL Lavatone, early His Name Is Alive instrumentals, Julian Lynch, Sun Araw. Favorites: 3, 9, 13, 14. No discernable words, no FCCs.

1. (0:40)—Lo-fi sci-fi transmissions.
2. (5:13)—Slow echoing single-string guitar picking, bright keyboard melody, churning rhythm.
3. *(2:04)—Desolate liquid guitar.
4. (4:37)—Fast clipping strumming, hiss, bursts of distortion.
5. (1:16)—Wah noise, drone wash.
6. (3:17)—Jittery echo bass.
7. (5:11)—Field recordings. Atonal angular guitar, fuzzier guitar. Post-rock band practice in 1994. Gets chaotic.
8. (3:17)—Field recording of indiscernable background conversation. Keyboard, space guitar.
9. *(2:56)—Crunchy emo-esque guitar loop, faded. Quite pretty.
10. (3:12)—Sample of a Noriegas live recording, run through distortion, with keyboard on top.
11. (4:15)—Choppy, noisy guitar with some loopy wah.
12. (4:58)—Slow, bendy, Loren Connors–type guitar.
13. *(2:35)—Deep, ominous drone vibrations. Hiss. Higher soft tones letting a little unsettling light in.
14. *(4:13)—Slow build, dark but melodic, like a shredded fragment of a psychedelic post-rock song.

Track Listing
1. Let Me Explain to You What the Consumer Wants   8. Coop Tim Hecker Warehouse Party
2. Bowling Alley Punk Song   9. Stanford CS Students Listening to Codeine and The For Carnation
3. ProTools for Yoga   10. Planners Vs. Fuckers
4. Doin' It at the Ruby Room - the Box Set   11. Feminism, by Taylor Swift
5. Self-Deception (Cedar Ave. Freeze-out)   12. Captain Family Cancer Drama
6. Coney Dog Edible   13. Rock and Roll Seven-Point Turn
7. Thank You Parnall Correctional Facility for the Hospitality   14. Birdland Heartbreak